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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hi there!
I really want to thank everyone for reading my blog and giving me inspiration:) Making minis is a very rare hobby here in russia (I can find noone in my city and our population here in Novosibirsk is more than one million, you know, so you can imagine how rare it is :) )
I'm glad I came to the blogosphere, because here there are always people who give you a warm welcome and great advices. I might fall out of minis for some time soon, when my baby'll be born (Haven't I told you yet? I'm having another girl! So I'll be a mother of two wonderful daughters soon :))) My due date is in the middle of June, but my doctor says it might happen earlier, so I need to be ready almost any time :)

Anyhow, enough with personal staff.. What was I saying? Ah, the giveaway!
I'm only a beginner, so don['t judge too much - I'm sure there are some projects out there where these things  would suite just right. Here's what I offer:
 These are:
1. some strawberries, lemons and apples for those who prefer healthy lifestile  :)
2. New pair of flats for a chils in your house (I've made step-by-step photoes of the process, so I'll show you how I made them later)

3. Watercolors of a cute little bird in berries (I've drawn in some time ago but it just didn't fit into any of my projects. I like the birdy though and hope it'll find a new warm home)
 4. Some chocolate-chip cookies, lemon cupcake, and two loafs of bread for those who prefer something more serios than apples
5. And, as I promised, the winner gets to choose one of the bears. You can take a closer look on them here

There are no rules for this giveaway - just leave a comment to let me know you want to participate :)
The link to my blog on your sidebar is optional, since I mainly want to thank those of you who followed and supported me from the very beginning :) However, if you are a new follower and want to participate - don't be shy - I am always happy to see new faces :)

The drawing would take place on the 9th of may (we have a day off here in Russia, but 10th of may I'll be already able to send it out to you)

I want to appologize in advance for our post services. This year I was waiting for my parcel from China for 4 month, so, unfortunately, I can't tell you the date when your minis arrive to you.

So, feel free to participate and have a great week :)


  1. Grazie è un bellissimo giveaway a cui partecipo molto volentieri! Tanti oggetti realizzati con passione!Ancora auguri per la tua prossima baby e un grande bacione. posto il link al mio blog Manu

  2. Привет!
    Как замечательно!! я Тоже хочу записаться. Все такое милое и нужное. А буханка вызвала у меня спазмы в желудке. Пойду срочно кушать!!!!

  3. Your giveaway is fantastic, so much and so many different minis. I would love to attend, so please count me in. I put a link on my blog.
    It's fantastic that you will soon have 2 girls, I'm mother of two, now grown-up girls. It all goes so fast so enjoy your, soon 2 girls.

  4. Привет!!! Потрясающие подарки, и сколько вкусностей!!! Хочу поучаствовать!!!

  5. Congrats - another girl! I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything will go as it should. Thank you for this most generous giveaway, the painting of the bird is really stunning. Of course I would like to participate, so please count me in - I've already linked you to my blog.


  6. Tantissimi auguri per la tua bambina!! Io ci sono partecipo molto volentieri, mi piacciono i tuoi regali!
    Metterò subito un link nel mio blog,
    Un bacio

  7. Me encantaría participar en tu sorteo.
    Ahora mismo lo subo a mi blog.
    Mil besos...JUlia.

  8. Please count me in! I love the painting, and the shoes and the bears =) I love everything =)
    Hope you get some rest now too, and that the delivery of the baby will be good and a happy moment. =) I will always remember the delivery of my daughter as the best day ever =) (although a painful day too ;) )

  9. Daria, it is great to have two girls soon, take your rest for the delivery of your baby!
    Thank you for your most generous give away, I would love to participate. Please, count me in. I'll put the link on my blog.
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Congratulations on your baby. I have 3 daughters now all grown up so now I have 3 wonderful friends :) Take care of yourself and get some rest. Your giveaway is beautiful. Please count me in.
    Hugs Maria

  11. I would love to join in on your generous Give Away; I really like your tiny painting with the bird and cherries. Take care and I hope you will post when the baby has arrived so we can congratulate you! Hugs, liduina.

  12. Wonderful giveaway! Thank you.
    I've just shared the link on my blog and I'm happy to be your new follower :-)


    1. Hi there! welcome to my blog :) I can't seem to find yours (probably it's some troubles on blogger?) Can you give me the link? I'd love to check it out:)

  13. Such a beautiful giveaway! I would love to participate! I´ve become your follower, and just posted a link to your blog on mine! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Es un bellísimo sorteo, me encantaría participar. Gracias, saludos desde México. Ana (mucuy)

  15. me encantará participar, y subir el anuncio a mi blog...

  16. Hola Daria
    Me encantaria participar en tu fantastico sorteo.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  17. Congratulations on your baby (^^)

    I'd love to enter your lovely draw - so I hope you'll count me in.

    MiniHugs, Irina

  18. Me gusta mucho lo que sorteas, me gustaría participar si te parece bien, subo el enlace a mi blog.
    Un abrazo.

  19. Hola Daria, me gustaría mucho participar en tu sorteo. Lo anuncio en mi blog.
    Enhorabuena por el nuevo bebé que vas a tener.
    No sé si esta afición es rara en Rusia pero yo he encontrado revistas y tutoriales rusos muy buenos en internet.
    Un saludo, Eva

  20. Me acabo de hacer seguidora de tu blog y creo que soy la seguidora número 50. Je,Jee... Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo. Si quieres pasarte por el mío
    Enhorabuena por tu pronto alumbramiento.
    Un beso

  21. Ya tienes una seguidora más!! acabo de descubrir tu blog!
    Felicidades por tu nueva hija! que todo te vaya muy bien en el parto!
    Me gustaria participar en tu sorteo, te anuncio en mi blog.
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  22. Felicidades por tu nueva maternidad, te deseo lo mejor.
    Me encantará participar en tu sorteo, besos:)

  23. Wat geweldg je giveaway,wil graag meedoen ,en zet de link op mijn blog.
    groetjes doortje

  24. I'm a new follower and I like your minis.
    Please, count me in your giveaway; I put the link on my blog.
    Bye, Faby

  25. Hola Daria, felicitaciones por su nueva hija, el sorteo me gusta mucho.
    Me anotas por favor?
    Lo anuncio en mi blog.
    Un abrazo

  26. Hola! Es muy bonito lo que sorteas me gustaría participar en el sorteo si es que lo permites,un saludo.

  27. Hallo Daria, so ein schönes Giveaway ich würde gern teilnehmen.
    Danke und herzliche Grüße Britta

  28. Hola, me gustaria participar en tu sorteo y por supuesto seguirte en tu blog, garacias yo tambien soy novata y me encanta tu trabajoy todas las cositas que haces besos

  29. Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo, me gusta tu trabajo,hoy he descubierto tu blog, y me hago tu seguidora,no pongo el enlace en mi blog, porque no sé hacerlo, si me dices cómo lo hago gracias de antemano. Mary carmen.

    1. Hi Mary, you are welcome here :)
      To add the link on your sidebar you can use gadget called "picture". It inserts a picture which you choose (you can copy an URL of any picture you like from web) and also gives a space for link, where this picture would lead to.

  30. Hola Daria, hoy he descubierto tu blog, el sorteo es fabuloso, muy bonito. Me encantaría participar, lo anuncio en mi blog. Ya tienes una nueva seguidora. Un abrazo, Arantza.