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Monday, April 29, 2013

Some cuteness

Hi mini-people!
The work on my doll is in progress (body almost fnished - need to polish places where joints will sit) I've made already two heads. One of them looks better on it's own but is a little big (about 19 mm) for the body. The other one looks like a vimpire :) And not a pretty one, like in twilights, but the evil one :)))
That is why I decided to bring some cuteness to the world as well. Here are 3 little bears. I'm still bad in photography. so believe me, they are better in real life. I'm planning to organize a giveaway next week (while I still can get to post office). Among other things the winner will get to choose one of this bears.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some finished photos and my current occupation

Hi folks!
I was absent for some time - that is due to the rest I need to have each day, according to my doctor. I must force myself to lay during the day now - there's so many things I wanna do and so little power in my body right now :)
Anyway, here's some photos of finished roombox under the daylight. Unfortunately it's still gloomy and rainy here (couple of days ago it was snowing so I have nothing to complaint about actually:)
 There's nothing new - only the tiny flower on the window-sill. But at least now it's all set and done and I won't be adding anything else:)

 And here is what I am busy with. The idea was sitting in me for some time: I want my doll. On some blog of yours I see dolls that make this mini-journey with you. They "help" you do you work and evaluate the results. They have their own character. And I want such mini-helper of my own. I must say: I am fascinated by the process. She turns out the way she wants - not me. It's so exciting! I'm not showing you other parts and the head because I'm not sure if I keep the existing version or re-do it. But the part here is finished and it is so amazing:) (I'm not thinking too much of myself though - I see a lot of much more beautiful work - but we all need to start somewhere, right?) That is my first ball-jointed doll and I want to understand the basics on her. I'll do better anatomy on later attempts.
What I can say: she is tiny. she'll be approx 13,5 cm high. With the head of 17 mm. Right the size of 1/12th mini-doll, so that I can make my future projects for her :)

Have a great week!
I'm stopping by by all your entries - you all inspire me :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

little additions

first of all I want to say thank you all for all your lovely comments:) I do not answer them all because it would be an endless "thank you-thank you-thank you" posts :)
second, I want to say special thanks to Wendy who gave my blog an award. Thanks, Wendy! It's the first award for me and I feel very honored. However, the conception of an award-free blog is closer to me so I just give this prize to all my readers (and many others that I read, who still don't know about me :)
Now for the additions part :)
It seems I'll spend this whole week on this project since it appeared to need more details. However, here's what I made so far:
Shelf with necklaces. It's made of the same cardboard I've made books of. And toothpicks for tiny hangers. I like how it turned out. It's very easy and quick. If anyone wants to see how-to - let me know and I'll make another one with the photos of the process:)
 2. slippers and matching shoes for the dress. I didn't find a tuto on this one so I had to "invent the bycicle" all by myself. I'm quite pleased with the result, but if you take a real-life closer look you can see glue on flats. So I need more practice.

 3. Last but not least. Something I am actually proud of: watercolors.
I didn't invent the design I need an example to see where some details, which I can't draw from my head. As an excuse I can say that I do not copy the initial picture - I just need to see some basics: where the shadow go, or what details shall I make accent on. That was actually the first picture that you see if you type "ballet dancer watercolors" in google. I just decided I wanted it to be in a little other colors. I hope someday I won't need work of other artists at all, but for now I need something to look at when I draw. Still I like very much how she turned out. She's certinly better in real light: much brighter.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book tutorial

Hi there!
I'm sure you all know lots of ways to make books. That's essential for our hobby. Still I decided to share my idea because it's so simple :) If you have already met this way to make books and there's nothing new about it - I'm sorry to be boring.
What you need is: white acrylic paint, thick scrapbooking cardboard, knife, glue and all kinds of gift cards, certificates, tea boxes - any thin cardboard with fancy print.
1. cut couple of layers of scrapbooking thick cardboard - mine is 1,5 mm thick and I've made 3 layers - that would be a thick book.

  2. glue them together
4. paint the edges white
5. from your fancy thin cardboard cut the cover. with other side of the knife make lines for folding it. Leave about a mm or less from each side for the cover to look more natural.
 6. with your knife cut the lines for "pages". They shouldn't be deep. The book won't be openable ;)
7. Glue two parts together. Here you have it! :)

I know it is simple as hell :) i am sorry again if it's now worth reading - I just though it could help to find a use for cards, packages etc. :)
these books look good on a shelf and do not require a lot of time or money to make anyway ;)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Outer walls finished

hi everyone:)
I'm moving to finishing my roombox. (I think I'll need to buy a new shelf for finished projects once I'm done: I do not feel comfortable enough with their quaility to sell them yet and I can't store all of them at my mom's - she doesn't have enough space for it :))
Today I'd like to show you how the walls look like outside now. (However, again, it's evening and the colors are all wrong. I do not have a camera and take photos on my husband's phone when he's home from work :( My own camera is next on the list though :))
I have also made a curtain for the window, glued brirds on the inner walls (mostly to cover dirt, lol) and sewd a little dress to hang in the corner.
Anyway, here what I have now. I'll take better shots at the weekend to show you how it's really look like.


Sunday, April 7, 2013


Tomorrow would be my last day at work! I'm going on a maternity leave :)
that means I have approx. 2 month to get things done for a baby and to devote some time to myself, since when the baby is born it would be err.... harder :)
So, basically, two month of minis ( I hope :))
Here's what I've managed to make so far. The whole project is changing a bit from the initial drawing, so I'm not sure what I get as a result:) These are the walls for future roombox. It would have two walls. The only thing I need to figure out is how to protect it from dust once it's done. I'll hink about that. The walls are thick cardboard, scrapbooking paper on the inside and gypsum (plaster cast, alabaster - how does it called in english?) on the outside. That's the first time I make something with this material, so there are some wonders for me - it dries really fast! I haven't figured how to make stone-like look yet. However, I thought it would be much worse - it looks more or less allright now, when all the elements are in place. It's still wet, so I'll paint it later. The window has plasic "glass" so it's more or less real :) Here are some more photoes: