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Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today, at 14:15 my baby finally was born!
Her name is Eseniya and she's 3700g, 53cm :)
We are feeling great!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

bathroom and kitchen.

Hi good folks :)
I've finished the bathroom in my beach house. Can you spot toothbrushes?:))) Sorry, no better view - the camera just won't do that.
Sometimes now when I make it i doubt people can actually see the details without the magnifier :)
I really think that the beauty of 1:144 is in details, because they just make the whole room "alive".
 I'm showing the rooms unassembled, because it gives better view on items, which are half hidden when the walls would take their place.
 WC from polymer clay. It even has a smaller whole inside the big one - where canalization goes. But again, camera won't hold focus.
 Bathroom assembled. On the front view there's a basket for dirty clothes and a roll of toilet paper

Kitchen. There would also be a dining zone on the front view, but I got stuck with chairs: The one for previous project was quite complicated to make and I now think of other ways.
Anyhow, that's an overall view:
 From the side:

 Closer look on the shelf with plates and cook-books. I also like the flower on the fridge. Though I do not like the fridge itself. (I just hate to re-do something, so it has to stay this way:))
 with my index finger to see the scale :P
 Kitchen assembled. There's a towel on the wall above the oven.
 here it is. It's actually greenish :)
Well, I hope I gave you some inspiration, because I certainly need some for my dining zone. I already do not like those chairs :P

Ah,, I have my birthday this Sunday, I'll be 25. I wonder if we'll have a birthday on the same day with my baby?:)

Monday, June 3, 2013

door, shower and small updates

Hi! Just wanted to show you the work of two last days: the items that are looking good, i suppose:)
The door between bedroom and bathroom. It has half-translucent middle part with flowers on it

 Bedroom walls

 Bathroom. Sink is finished
 shower. It's about 14mm tall. I made a mistake and the part that displays the best view would not be seen once the bathroom is assembled. But you have to learn on mistakes, right:)

The "glass" on the shower is a blister from a medicine.. shower base and sink is polymer clay.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

kitchen is ready for furnishing

Thank you so much for your sweet comments and wishes!
I have my due date at 17th of June, though we thought it would happen earlier. Now I'm not so sure - I feel like I'm probably going to have another big baby (my daughter was 4 kilos when she was born. it was hard :))
I've finished kitchen insides, so now it's ready for furnishing. here it is:

That is why also i like this scale: you can do things really quick :)