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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the outside of the 1st micro is finished!

Hi everyone!
I've managed to finish all my "hanging" projects by now! Finally! I plan to start the set of New Year micro-roomboxes, because I think of trying to sell them here, in Russia, as a first step ;)
By the way, I would greatly appreciate your help: I'm quite confused with what price shall I ask for these houses... Here, on russian auctions I haven't seen 144th scale at all... And I can't evaluate my creations properly. Yes, they are OOAK, but I'm only a beginner and i use the simplest materials... If you, dear followers, would tell me which price appears suitable to you for this finished project, I'd be just happy :)
And now the photos, so that you could see it in details (remember, the size of the house is approx. 35x32x23mm):

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beach house 1:144 finished

As promised , I'm showing the finished version of my beach house. The roof is removable, so one could see what's inside :)  That's the only photo with the seagull. it accidentally fell off and I almost lost it. That's a lesson: I shall always check wether all the details are glued properly!! Fortunately I found it and re-glued it already)

The interior of the house you can see in one of my previous posts here
Thanks for watching :))

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Small teaser on the beach house

Hi there! the fact that I do not have much time doesn't mean I do not do anything now:)
Ideas are swirling through my head and sometimes I can't even sleep because I'm full of "How-To" thoughts.. I suppose that happens mainly because I can't really sit and bring these ideas to life yet :))) But I'm still very happy: indeed, the baby is growing fast and it's the best time for me to enjoy!
Nevertheless, I have finished the beach house! I'll wait for sunny weather here to take good shots, and for now the little teaser of the last element which I've finished today:
can you emagine a beach house without seagulls?:)
It sits on a simple needle and measures approx. 2,5 (length beak to tail) x 1,5 (height) x less then 1 mm (width)
I like working that small so much!
Best wishes to you and your families!