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Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach house update

Hi there!
How are you all doing, here on blogland? I really hope you are all fine, cause our family is certainly not: we all got flu again and it's been already five days of constant coughing and running noses. I hope I have several more days to get well, because it's hard to even think of delivery in this state :(
I won't be able to show you detailed step-by-step this time: we have troubles with camera. Yes-yes, everything against me, but I still keep the good mood. Why shouldn't I? :)

Anyhow, here's where I'm at with my micro beach house:
I've finished windows and floorings. That is the front view without terrace roof. I'll leave the main roof removable, otherwise it won't be possible to see the insides because of the poor lighting.
 The terrace itself
 Kitchen. I really love the mosaic, both making it and how it looks like. It is glazed and shines, but you can't see it on this photo :(
 Bedroom. For some reason the color on the bedroom walls is the only color that looks completely different from reality. Why - I have no clue :) The floor here is also made like a mosaic from tiny bamboo strips (2 mm x 0.3-0.4 mm?) but I didn't like the color, painted it white and now I think there was almost no purpose of doing it the hard way - I could just print out some patterns :) Hopefully it's worth it in real life.
 The top view
 bathroom. Well, there won't be a bath, just a shower here.

Aaannnd I wanted to show you the first prize I have ever won! I received it couple of days ago and it took more than two month to travel from USA; (what did I say about russian post?!)
It was Jackie's giveaway and it's very lovely! Thank you so much, Jackie!!!
 My fawn-doll is happy! Finally she has something to do: I do not have much minis in classic 1:12 scale yet :)
And a question of the day for those who made it till the end of the post: How can you possibly ruin the frozen lasagna? :)))) I managed to do it just fine! I didn't want to cook anything since I still feel quite ill and tired, so I heated the lasagna, took it out of the oven..... ....And dropped it right in the middle of the table! :) Thanks god, it was clean! :) So we had to eat our supper in ...erm.. not quite pleasant way :)))
Good luck to you all! Luck is very, very important these days! :)))


  1. Es impresionante lo que haces, tan chiquito...

  2. Hope you and your family recover soon! And tell the baby to wait some more ;)
    Your mini house is lovely, I love it, just like the other one =) So well made and cute! I love it that you can look in to the rooms from different angles, I thought of doing a house like that myself, but it seems hard =)

  3. Congratulations on receiving your give away, finally! You won beautiful miniatures, so I think you will certaintly enjoy them.
    The beach house is lovely; it reminds me of cottages in Greece, yes. Well done! And sooooo tiny! I can't imagine myself working on such a small scale! I admire your patience :-)

    1. Thanks, Liduina! I thought exactly of Greek houses when I started it :)

  4. Your new nano house is lovely. You are doing so well with these tiny scaled houses. Hope you and your family are fully recovered.
    Accidents happen it's a good thing no harm was done.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Отличный домик! Мне так понравилась мозаика.
    Я тоже вынашиваю идею плчжного румбокса. Может когда-то смогу воплотить эту идею в жизнь.
    А из чего сделаны стены?

    1. Ой, совсем забыла! Желаю не болеть! ;)

    2. Спасибо!)
      мозаику я делаю совсем просто - крашу акварель бумагу для акварели - она плотная и с текстурой, покрываю лаком строительным на 3-4 слоя и разрезаю на кусочки.
      А стены для 1:144 решила не заморачиваться - делаю из картона для скрапбукинга - он, крашенный, от дерева на таком масштабе ничем не отличается, я проверяла. Наверное, только если специально сгибать - будет разница. а работать с ним, конечно, намного проще.

  6. I hope you all feel better and I hope that you will be totally fresh, you have to give birth very soon right?
    You are a quick minis maker, so much in so little time.
    Congratulations on your very lovely gift
    I wish you lots of luck here from Denmark.

  7. So you're not having the best of times - but you still manage to build a lovely tiny house! Don't worry, things can only get better from now on... and the first sign that I'm right about that is the parcel that arrived after two months! Woohooo... I bet you had given up hope in the meantime!

    Best health wishes

  8. I hope you and your family are better.
    Your beach house is so tiny.....I like!
    Congratulation on your wonderful win.
    Greetings, Faby

  9. Hi Daria, congratulations on your give away which finally arrived after two months!! Enjoy building your tiny Greek house, because soon you will be very busy ;)! I hope you will get well soon.
    Hugs, Ilona