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Friday, January 30, 2015

Pantry is done!

And with this room 1st floor is finished:)
It is a great room with many many things. Much more complicated than bedroom or livingroom, because each shelf shall be filled and not just with books or boxes! I am particularly proud of sausages covered in white (there are 4 of them in the room :)) - it looks very realistic in real life, though you probably can't see it on the photos.
Still, the room is a little different from the picture, but it looks natural and I like it :)

And these pictures will be seen through the open door in the hall. The rooms you can see through the open doors would also be lit.
And this is The Scary Pencil, reminding you of the scale. Beware!!

Kitchen is up next!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Laundry room

Here is the laundry room in my future tree house. I will add hanging towels later, after the second floor is attached

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New project

Hello dear followers!
In this post I want to introduce you to my new project. It is a special order and I believe it would be a special experience :) 
Already half a year has passed since I was asked to make a micro house that will be a copy of Jill Barklem picture from her Spring Story. Now, finally the time has come and I am ready to try :)
Here is the picture of a house: 
I will try to make my micro house as close to the picture as possible :) 
I know there's already a house in 1/12th scale by Maddie Brindley( and watching it helped me a lot. However still my micro house would be different. 
I made a plan in s programm called SketchUp and now starting to bring it to life. I'll be posting my progress here, room by room. So, anyone who likes to watch the process is always welcome! I am happy to receive your comments :)
The house will have 10 led-lights (one in each room)!
Here's the first and the smallest room (well, you can't actually call it a room.. :) 

And a bit of process: 

Ah, I forgot to mention the scale. It is approx. 1/250 - the size of the door is 7mm
I decided to make printable stone floors (usually I am against printable flooring) because in such tiny scale any real cracks in plastic stones would be too much anf look unnatural. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Shabby house is done!

Heppy New Year everyone!! I hope you had great time with your families and friends :)
Christmas time consumed all the time I needed to spend on minis, but finally I have managed to finish the house! (which I actually planned to finish by the end of November, but life made its corrections)
So here is a little sommertime in the middle of winter :) Hope you'll enjoy watching it :)
I wanted so much to make a bench which would have metal, bent legs. I still think it can be done better, but this one looks light and gentle in this size as well.

 you have already seen the inside in my previous post. The house has girlie bedroom and soft-blue living room. On the coffee table there are cake and a cup of cuppucino

 I love wall-climbing flowers, I think they make walls look so cozy and alive.
 Glows in the dark

Hope you have received some warmth:)
Have a great and creative holidays!
Best wishes, Daria