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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sofa tutorial

As promised, I'm making my second post, with the sofa tutorial. This is basically how I do all my armchairs and sofas.
1. I'm making the model out of thick paper, cardboard or balsa.
 2. I cut a piece of paper napkin of desired color
 3. Glue and wrap the napkin around the sofa
 4. fold the bottom
 5. Make a few cuts and fold and glue the "face" of the sofa. Sometimes I add sitting cushions
 6. Cut and glue legs (sometimes I use wood and sometimes - micro-beads)
 7. Add pillows and an afgan. The sofa is done!
That same way I made armchairs for my last roombox. Here it is. You can find it on ebay

It's already freezing here. -10 in daytime :( This photo I took yesterday while picking my daughter from school.

Time to dring hot tea and make some minis! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Christmas tree tutorial

Hi everyone!
How's your miniaturing going?)
I must say I'm a little bit dissapointed with ebay. I mean, I found there new owners for my roomboxes, but I didn't know the final value fee is 10%. That is a really huge fee, if you ask me.
On our Russian site that does the same thing that Etsy does - there's no individual fee at all. You just pay $2 once a month and sell whatever you want. I must say, I am shocked at this 10%..

But off with it. Today I wanted to start a small series of posts that will show you, how I do my tiny things. Perhaps someone will find it usefull. I am sorry for the quality of photos - I take them always under artificial light, so they doesn't really give true colors.

Anyway. This is how I do my chrismas trees:
 Step 1. harden the thread with PVA glue (white glue) It would be our stem.
 Step 2. glue it inside the bead on the toothpick.
 Step 3. Wrap the thread with glue around the bead - that would be our basket. Leave it to dry.
 Step 4. Tap it into white flock to make artificial snow. Or just paint the top white or brown :)
Step 5. Gently pull off the toothpick (I removed it, than placed it back just a bit, so that I could hold the tree.) Place the thread-stem inside the basket. Cut the moss to tiny pieces.
 Step 6. Glue the moss to the stem so it would look like a Xmas tree.
 I prefer to put it to place and only then -  add more brunches. This way you can glue them not only to stem, but to the walls.
And here's the finished look :)
And another example:

The roombox with yellow sofa you can find here on ebay
The next tuto would be about this particular yellow sofa :)
Hope it would be useful for anybody, happy crafting!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A try on ebay

Hi everyone!
I decided to take this important step today: I've listed two of my new roomboxes on ebay. I have no idea, if they'd find their new owner there, but it surelly will be interesting to watch for me. Im quite excited :)
Here are my roomboxes:

As always, they are 144th scale (20x20x20 mm)
You can find more photos here, at my new shop: watermelon room and "Peace" room
Please, let me know, if the link opens incorrectly.
Wish me luck! :)