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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

fantasy style cottage

Hi everyone!
I sincerely wish you to have a great year and may your inner wishes all come true in 2014 :)
Here is my new piece. It is very sunny and sommer-y, so that one can always have a little sommer, even now, in January :)
 I have finally found an american on-line store which ships to Russia (though the shipment costs nearly as the items themselves, but it's allright - it is the only way to get these things here anyway) So I've bought landscaping kit - you can see the tree from there. It is the smallest though, other trees are too big.I have also bought styrene sheets and strips - I'll try to use them in my future work.
 This house is fantasy-style house. with these round doors that lead inside the hill it's a little bit like hobbit's place :) I didn't think it would have second floor but it seemed too empty without it.
 The scale is again less than 1:144. I didn't make any measurements, just cut to size where needed. After I cut out doors it appeared to be for a much smaller person. I believe it is about 1:200

I wish you all sommer warmth!