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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1:144 Step four: furniture

Hi everyone!
What I understood already: furniture takes more time. However it is also more rewarding when it turns out the way it's planned :)
I thinking of leaving the second floor removable, so that one could shift it whenever he wants to look inside.
In two days I've managed to make 3 pieces: sink, counter and chair. I have also finished the 1st floor walls.
 Have you noticed the mirror on the wall? :) The door is a little out of straight lines but I've noticed it only when I glued it down, so It has to be left this way.
 The kitchen wall. There's a painting behind the staircase, but I don't know how can I take a picture, because when I try to make a closer look the camera hinders the sun:(
 Sooooo... I've made the bigger chair first and discovered that it was apparently too big for the house. I had to make another one. The first one will just wait for it's turn somewhere in my drawers (I'm starting to think I've made the house even a little less than 1:144. Or, let's say it's a house of a little old lady who's small and wanted to have a small neat house :) )
 The sink. It appeared just the way I wanted, though I've spent some sleepless hours to figure out how to make it.
 Looking good together!


  1. wow! amazing the stone work is just gorgeous, I love how it flows from the chimney to the sides ;)

    The furniture is wonderful, you know your going to have to make more 144th scale houses, your really great at it ;)

  2. Ничего себе!
    Как быстро строится дом! Так интересно наблюдать! Мне даже захотелось вернуться к своему незавершенному проекту!

  3. The house looks really great. Like the stone foundations you have made. It's fun to make small furniture. All of yours are very well made and cute.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  4. This is such a fun project - everything so lovely and neat. I think it's very clever to make the 1st floor removable, otherwise it will be hard to spot all your nice details.


  5. How very, very cute and stunningly small!

  6. Where are you industrious. The small sink is fantastic. It is impressive that it can be as detailed in the small size.
    As always, nice work.

  7. An amazing project! I love to see your progress on it. The little sink unit is fabulous and so is everything else.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Потрясающе! Очень кухонная мойка понравилась, такая крошечная!!!

  9. Mi piace molto come il tuo progetto sta andando avanti. Il lavandino è perfetto pur in dimensioni così piccole! Sono curiosa di vedere i prossimi passi.Un abbraccio, Manu

  10. I love your little house, and it looks so small, maybe because it is less than 1:144 =) You are working fast, but still the result is brilliant! Keep up the good work

  11. Delizioso lavoro aspetto il resto!kiss

  12. I like the new furniture.
    Bye, Faby