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Monday, February 22, 2016

New house of 2016

Hi my dear followers. It's been a really long time no see :)
That was a very happy and not so very easy time for me - My third baby is 1,5 month now! Finally it's a boy and my daughters are perfect nannies :)
Since September I was absent from my minis. It seemed like my muse left me or I was just way too round and too lazy for work:) But now, after a long vacation I really feel an urge to create something beautiful. It's so inspiring to sit under the small light at night and catch those flying ideas!

I have finished a house which I started last year. Unfortunately I have no lightbox now so the photos are not so good. But at least you can have a general idea :)

It's a tiny 288-300 scale house - the wall height is about 12 mm each floor. It has a living room, bedroom and even a tiny kitchen though you can't really see it on photos - it's too shady.

I decided to give it a try on ebay. For those of you who is interested in buying it, here is the link My Ebay

Thanks for visiting! Best wishes from my growing family!