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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1st Xmas roombox

Hi there!
It has been a month since my last post here.. wow, time flies fast!
There's not much going on in my life lately: my elder daughter started to attend pre-school so we are head to tails busy with that. My baby-girl is growing very well, the clothes for 6 month-old is already too small, and she's only three :)
I have finished my 1st christmas roombox! It came out just fine. I didn't make any in-process photos to save some time, so please do check the final result:
 The roombox measures 25 x 25 x 40 mm.
 the christmas tree. there's wood in the basket near the fireplace, three candles, cup with hot chocolate (may be :)) and cane-candys
 tea-table with the bottle in ice and piece of cake on the plate. I didn't succeed in making a spoon though :) the basis of the armchairs is 4x4 mm, so that you could imagine the size of everything else.
 1st floor: mirror on the wall, coat on the hanger, umbrella and phone on the side-table. On the table above there is PC: the flatscreen, keyboard and mouse (with wires!)
 overall view once again. And below is a bookshelf with books, boxes, paper and pencils, folded blanket, and a tiny dollhouse as a sign of respect to our hobby :)))

Also I wanted to share a photo of us from our friend's wedding in July. It turned out surprisingly well, with my handsome husband and Eseniya's tiny legs. She's almost 1 month old here:
Best  wishes to all my readers! I love to see your comments :)