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Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach house update

Hi there!
How are you all doing, here on blogland? I really hope you are all fine, cause our family is certainly not: we all got flu again and it's been already five days of constant coughing and running noses. I hope I have several more days to get well, because it's hard to even think of delivery in this state :(
I won't be able to show you detailed step-by-step this time: we have troubles with camera. Yes-yes, everything against me, but I still keep the good mood. Why shouldn't I? :)

Anyhow, here's where I'm at with my micro beach house:
I've finished windows and floorings. That is the front view without terrace roof. I'll leave the main roof removable, otherwise it won't be possible to see the insides because of the poor lighting.
 The terrace itself
 Kitchen. I really love the mosaic, both making it and how it looks like. It is glazed and shines, but you can't see it on this photo :(
 Bedroom. For some reason the color on the bedroom walls is the only color that looks completely different from reality. Why - I have no clue :) The floor here is also made like a mosaic from tiny bamboo strips (2 mm x 0.3-0.4 mm?) but I didn't like the color, painted it white and now I think there was almost no purpose of doing it the hard way - I could just print out some patterns :) Hopefully it's worth it in real life.
 The top view
 bathroom. Well, there won't be a bath, just a shower here.

Aaannnd I wanted to show you the first prize I have ever won! I received it couple of days ago and it took more than two month to travel from USA; (what did I say about russian post?!)
It was Jackie's giveaway and it's very lovely! Thank you so much, Jackie!!!
 My fawn-doll is happy! Finally she has something to do: I do not have much minis in classic 1:12 scale yet :)
And a question of the day for those who made it till the end of the post: How can you possibly ruin the frozen lasagna? :)))) I managed to do it just fine! I didn't want to cook anything since I still feel quite ill and tired, so I heated the lasagna, took it out of the oven..... ....And dropped it right in the middle of the table! :) Thanks god, it was clean! :) So we had to eat our supper in ...erm.. not quite pleasant way :)))
Good luck to you all! Luck is very, very important these days! :)))

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New project. Beach house 1:144

I've started a new project yesterday. It's just a sketch now, but I intend to do it the smart way: counting the time I spend on the project, drawing plans and sketches. It'll be the correct 1:144 scale (I've calculated the sizes of the furniture and walls, we'll see weather I can keep up with my calculations)
My daughter asked for something with a blue roof (it's her favorite color) and I've decided on the beach house.
Total time spent on sketches from all the sides and counting: approx.3,5 hours.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Micro-mini. step 7. House completed!

Hi dear fellow bloggers!
I've completed my house outside. I have ordered some moss to make the landscape, but the order sais it will come only in about a month from now, so the project will need to wait for it's turn. And now I'd like to share the finished photos of the house with you. I especially enjoyed making the roof - each tile is an individual piece, you know :)

Today I've shown the house to my mother and she said that she couldn't have guessed by the pictures on the blog that it was so small :) I'm proud of myself :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Micro-mini. Step six. Inside completed!

Yes! I've completed the inside of my micro-mini house! And I really like it. Much more than all my previous projects. I intentionally do not use 1:144 anymore. I have to agree: the house is less. Perhaps even significantly less. But we'll return to this question by the end of the post. Now, let's look at the pics, shall we? :)
Overall view:
 There are framed butterflies on the wall.
 I've tried to get the focus on the chest of drawers and the flower here, but it's really hard.
 The second floor is easily removable. When one takes it out he discovers baskets of fabric and threads.
 This one is a "surprise basket" - it's completely hidden by the chest when you look from the front
 About this item. At first I have made the "big" one. That's a good old chest with some cloth and threads and knitting needles. Eventually it appeared to be too big for the house (I suppose it's the right 1:144 scale), so I've made another one, much more suitable. However, it's so small (about 2x2x3 mm that I couldn't get the camera to take a bigger picture)
 You just have to believe me: the one in the house is exactly the same as "big" one here:
 It's actually breathtaking for me to hold the whole house in my hand (in my fingers even!) :) I suppose  I'll react much calmer on my future projects:))
 And now for the scale. I've calculated that the average person in 1:144 scale shall be 12 mm tall. To live comfortable in my house the person shall be 9 mm tall (The bed is 10 mm), the ceiling height on the 1st floor is 15 mm, on the second - 13 mm.
So, who's good at math or has experience with scaling things?) which scale does it give us?)

Monday, May 20, 2013

2nd floor rug

A sneak peek into work in progress:

Tomorrow the second floor will be finished!
Cheers, Daria

Friday, May 17, 2013

1:144 Step five: first floor finished!

Hey guys!
I've finished furnishing the 1st floor!! I'm happy with what I see here. I really need a macro-camera)
 What do we have here?.. There's a black-and-white photo on the fireplace shelf. It must be the good old days of the nice lady who lives here.. But who knows!
 I'm proud of this item - it's very detailed. There's pencil and a shit of paper on the upper shelf, bunch of paper (or a copybook, as you wish :)) and some shabby books on the shelf below. We can imagine something precious the old lady keeps in the lower box :)
 little rug. I'm still not sure if it's suitable - I'm hesitating if I shall make a big carpet that will cover the area before fireplace and separate it from kitchen. The curtains have similar pattern. I have made several attempts to make them from different materials and came up with this result.
 side-table with a bowl of apples from the (future) garden.
 I couldn't get the focus on the little decorative orange-tree :(
 These are two scoops above the counter. I've also added a towel and a tiny pot with flowers on the window sill, but again I couldn't get it to focus(

Well, some rest for today and starting the second floor furniture tomorrow! :) 
If you ever want to know how did I make this or that item - don't hesitate to ask - I'll be glad to share it with you! Since I do not have any access to real mini-craft store, I'm doing everything from whatever I see around me with the help of manicure scissors and tweezers and mostly need to invent my own ways. So if you ever want to try this scale - you might not require any special tools - at least for the start :))

I hope this little room made you feel cozy:) It sure does it for me :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1:144 Step four: furniture

Hi everyone!
What I understood already: furniture takes more time. However it is also more rewarding when it turns out the way it's planned :)
I thinking of leaving the second floor removable, so that one could shift it whenever he wants to look inside.
In two days I've managed to make 3 pieces: sink, counter and chair. I have also finished the 1st floor walls.
 Have you noticed the mirror on the wall? :) The door is a little out of straight lines but I've noticed it only when I glued it down, so It has to be left this way.
 The kitchen wall. There's a painting behind the staircase, but I don't know how can I take a picture, because when I try to make a closer look the camera hinders the sun:(
 Sooooo... I've made the bigger chair first and discovered that it was apparently too big for the house. I had to make another one. The first one will just wait for it's turn somewhere in my drawers (I'm starting to think I've made the house even a little less than 1:144. Or, let's say it's a house of a little old lady who's small and wanted to have a small neat house :) )
 The sink. It appeared just the way I wanted, though I've spent some sleepless hours to figure out how to make it.
 Looking good together!

Monday, May 13, 2013

1:144 Step three

Hi folks! I finally have some significant time to work on minis, so I'm making progress quick.
I can see how this scale can easily become my favorite! It's so amazing how real and cute can these little things look! (It's a shame I can't actually make a doll for it! Or can't I really?.... :))) )

Here is my progress for this moment.
1. The ceiling of the 1st floor with tiny chandelier that I wasn't able to show you yesterday
 2. Wall progress
 This wall with fireplace is done. I will probably add paintings on the wall and something on a firelace shelf. Any ideas what can fit into 1,5mm shelf?:)
 The wall/roof of the second floor is also done. I like how it turns out. The color of roof isn't end color - I intend to make "real" tiles on the top of it. It's a pity I can't show you the real color of wallpapers. My husband bought me a printer and now it is such a relief!! I can choose anything I want. So great!

 These walls (living room and kitchen combined on the 1st floor) still need thread-beams.

That would be all for today. Thanks for following along with me - I am very pleased with your comments and I certainly hope that is interesting for you to read :)) Thanks, guys, really!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

1:144 Step two

So, here's what I've been busy with today. I have tried different approaches and I like what I've made so far:
Floor on the 1st floor (bamboo bars from decorative mat. I've cut them a lot) and painted with wood warnish
 2nd floor flooring with railings. These railings I am very proud of, because I couldn't figure out for a long time how to do them. I've tried glueing wire, paper, cut matches - but it was all clumsy and very hard to manage. At last I've tried the same method I used to cover shoes with threads. I took brown muline - it's a thick thread used for cross-stitch and embroidery, dipped it in PVA glue. Once it dried it became stiff. I cut it in pieces and glued easily. It looks lite wooden columns!
 I've painted the stairs and applied a little shelf to the side. On the shelf you can see small pot with the flower. My only concern is that it won't actually be seen once the roof, walls and ceilings are added :)

And I have also painted the other side of the 2nd floor flooring to make a ceiling of the first floor with a tiny chandelier. But for some reason that particular photo doesn't want to load so I'll show it next time :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Going micro? - Why not?!

Yes, I decided to try myself on a new field - 1:144 scale :)
Thanks Hannah from for inspiration!
I am also truly fascinated by Nell Corkin's miniatures - they are amazing. If you haven't seen it - you shall definitely check it out!
Well, here's what I'm trying to do:

I'm doing it all from scratch - starting with the idea. Gosh, there's a lot of work and I am all excited about this project. It really seems that the less it is the more I like it :)))
The drawing is real-sized by the way ;)
Stay tuned to learn how will it turn out!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The first warm day! And the winner of the giveaway!

Today was the first really warm day - it was about +26 and we were finally able to go for a walk. Unfortunately, my daughter recently got allergy and I do not know the reason - apparently it's something springy. That was unexpected since no one in the family reacts on anything, but I guess that just happens sometimes..
Here we are together, me wearing the dress with the elephant - how symbolic - that's exactly how I feel right now :))

Now, for the Giveaway part :) 
Thank you so much for participation! Since we didn't have too many entries, I decided to go old-fashioned way. Here we are, writing names. Well, not only names:)

These are all participants. Arina managed to write 5 as well. We'll see if she has a lucky hand!

And the winner is...

 Carmen from !
Congratulations :) I'm waiting for your address, please email me at
And also please let me know which bear do you choose. I'll try to do my best to send the prize at earliest.

And here's a little photoset of my fawn-doll on the street. Gosh, her face is even scarier under sunlight. I was right: she is a vampire!

Even an evil vampire wants to be a lady! So she's got her manicure and pedicure done. Lucky girl!:))
The arm band repeats the waist belt. She has style! :)