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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tiny sleepy. Not so tiny:)

Here she is, waiting for her wig. I've made the same mistake again and she has a very small forehead (and huge feet :)) But still she looks nice (though my daughter finds her scary :))) She'll be a red-head and surely be better with hair than without. She's very small and it's really hard to work on such a small scale for a doll. (I shall really try bigger dolls! However, I do not want to, because I don't see a doll just for the sake of making a doll - I like it in the environment and it shall be 1/12 or less. Dilemma.)

Yes, I know she doesn't look like picture I've shown, but that was rather general idea and not a pattern to make.


  1. Hey Daria, I welcome you to my blog, and have connected me to your now. I think your doll is really nice, and wish I had been able to as well, when I tried to make a doll. Hugs from Anne in Sweden