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Friday, March 8, 2013

New project. Tiny sleepy.

That was a very rough week at work and I had no time and power to do anything. Today I finally had inspiration and I have started my new project: tiny sleepy.
Here's a picture from the web that I managed to find that a least displays something similar.
Behind this idea two main reasons:
1. I've bought instruments for clay and I'll test them on a doll
2. My husband made me a beautiful present: Dremel that can polish, cut, drill etc. I do not want to make something big at the very beggining, so creating a bed looks like a perfect way to start :)

Today I've made a head. It is slightly better then the one that was on my first doll but still I am somehow dissatisfied. May be the size is too small, but I wanted to stay near 1/12th range... It is very hard for me to get all the face features right. I still hope to polish it somehow. Maybe after painting and wigging it'll look better.
I have also tried another way to make eyes. The doll from bakery had painted eyes. This time I prebacked eyes' apples, painted them with acrylic paints and glossed with the varnish that allows high temperature. Perhaps that is totally wrong: Now I'll need to bake them into the doll already after they are painted. I am pretty sure that is not how acrylic paints shall be used. However, the eyes are so tiny that I have no opportunity to paint them under eyelids afterwards. Anyway, that's another doll for me (or my mom, since she really likes what I am doing now) so I'll have the chance to view the result at a long distance.
Ok, here she goes :)

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