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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three questions

There's a new game in russian community. I suppose I'll let it out to the whole world tonight:)

It's called "Three questions to the craftsperson" (or something similar, :)). The rules are
1. to answer three questions of the blogger who gave it to you,
2. to give this picture to the other 3 bloggers
3. create new three questions for them.
I have received this game from two ladies at once, so I'll answer 6 questions. I'll still pass it to 3 bloggers, though :)
Here are questions from Ksanya:

1. Расскажите о том прекрасном дне, когда в вас поселился дух миниатюриста!!! ( Какой это был день, с чего все началось, и что было первое сделано вашими ручками )
(Tell of this wonderful day when you got the minibug!!! What was it like, how it get started, what was the first thing you have made)
I don't want to repeat myself a lot, I've written about that day in my first post already:) I can say it was very spontaneous (I like beeing spontaneous a lot!) I just saw a picture on the net and thought: Hey! that must be fun to create!:) The first item was an armchair for the christmas scene.

2.  Хотели бы вы придумать свои традиции ( игры, эстафеты...) (Do you want to invent your own traditions - games etc.) Actually no :) I am not confident enough that other people are as enthusiastic as I am in such things. Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing them to take part in such things and that is the last thing I wanna do - to force someone.
3. Как относятся ваши близкие к такому виду творчества. (что думают, что говорят, поддерживают ли...)
How do people around you look at your crafts (what do they think, are they supportive?..)
My mom is extremely supportive. She thinks she can't craft at all (I think she just didn't try!) and that's why she likes it a lot when I show something new. My husband is rather calm about this one, but that's who we both are - we are very calm people :))) He gave me Dremel as a present, so I think that counts for being supportive:) I certainly wish my daughter would be more interested, but I suppose that would come along when she's a little older.
And here are three questions I got from Ludmila
1. Какие хобби, кроме миниатюры, вам интересны? Что хотели бы освоить, чему еще научится?
What hobbies besides miniature interest you? What else would you like to learn?
Besides miniature I like doll-making and certainly want to learn more on this one. I also adore painting, I've attended drawing classes for more than a year, but then, unfortunately, had to quit, due to lack of time. i am also gamer (I know, totally unrelated to crafts, right? :) I like videogames a lot and think of them as a great hobby for spare time) And i like foriegn languages. I more or less know English and German. Now I've started to learn Chinese as well. It keeps my brain always busy :)

2. Откуда черпаете идеи для создания новой миниатюры?
Where do you get the new ideas for minis? I am only recently in this hobby so I sill have plenty ideas of my own to try out:)

3. Допускаете такую возможность, что через несколько лет вы оставите миниатюру, а всю, что сделано раздарите, раздадите? Или миниатюра - это на всю жизнь?
Do you admit the possibility that in a few years you will leave minis, give away all the mini stuff? Or you're planning to devote your whole life to minis? 
I have no idea) But I certainly hope that I'll make my way to master this skill. Probably even to the level where I can sell it and earn some additional profit with this craft.

And now my three questions that will go to BirgitBritta, and Drora. Of course if any of you do not mind passing this game along - I've already said in my answer to Ksandra's second question, that I feel a little spammy when I do these kind of things :)
Anyway, here are the questions:
1. Have you ever thought of selling your crafts (or perhaps you did?) Would love to learn about the experience
2. Do you have any friends around you, who also got this "infected" with minis after you?
3. Do you ever feel guilty about diching household duties (or other duties) because you've spent too much time crafting? :)

So, guys, sorry for the longpost:) At least it was interesting for me to write it and will certainly be interesting to ready your answers:)


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  1. This was quite a job answering those six questions, but it was very interesting... ;O) Thank you for thinking of me, I feel very honored. I'm going to catch up with that next week...