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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

plants and small bookcase

Quick update here:)
Thanks to Jane at miniFanaticus with her wonderfull tutorial on plants-making I decided to give it a try. It is certainly more fun for me than paper leaves - with paper I get glue all over me :) - though the mount of ime is just the same. The only thing is, by Jane the leaves seem to be more translucent. I need more pratice on mixing the clay.
I did the pots on the Tatiana's tutorial here. Tatiana, thank you so much ) It's really as simple as that - you just need to wrap it with foil so that pots and dishes won't be ruined when you're trying to get them off the cap. By the way, earth looks very realistic if made the same way as lilacs: Semolina painted with brown acrilic paints looks great!
I have also made a small bookcase. Not sure what  would go in there.The photoes are at night under electric light - so the colors are not great.
All in all: too much purple??


  1. They are just beautiful hon! I do love purple, and purple flowers make me think on spring!

  2. You made some fine flowers. I've seen both of the ladies tutorials and I must try one day. Nice made​​.

  3. Hallo Daria, das ist sehr hübsch geworden gefällt mir gut und passt zu dem Kissen. Hoffe du bist wieder gesund. Liebe Grüße Britta

  4. Привет!
    Вы уже так много сделали. Мне нравятся как Вы раскрасили горшки. Для земли я использую измельченный черный чай.

  5. Привет! Меня зовут Людмила. Очень рада буду познакомиться.
    Милости прошу ко мне в блог, познакомимся и поиграем

  6. How fun! Making flowers is so time consuming. You must have so much patience. I love the purple! If you ever have any questions about my minis feel free to ask. Great work!

  7. Un bellissimo fiore in un bellissimo vaso!brava!kiss

  8. Hello Daria, thank you so much for the inspiring post! Your flowers are wonderful! I am getting ready to make some flowers to landscape the outdoors of one of our dollhouses, your post got me motivated. :D

    Many mini hugs,