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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Girl's bedroom. Progress

Hello everyone!
warm welcome to all my followers, I'm very pleased to see each and every one of you :)
This weekend I finally got some time to make some progress on my project. Boy it takes time! Making everything for the first time, trying to figure out how to and simply getting used to new techiques..
My girl now is no longer bald! Here she is, ginger:
 I found out that I have the whole bag full of artificial hair - 3 years ago I've made afrobraids of four different colors - yellow, brown, orange and red. I've only took couple od braids for this doll and I have like 500 left, so I feel lucky that I kept it: I can practice on a lot of new dolls before I start using expensive materials :)
These photoes I took under elecrtic light and here's definitely something wrong with colors: I couldn't make her eyes look not so scary-black. In real life she has green eyes and white eyeballs. Shame that I'm not a photogrpher: She has to be a scary little monster now :)
I've measured her and she's approximately 10,5 cm which is quite a good size for 1/12 7-8 yearold.
I have also started with the bed for her - now Ginger's accompanying all my work and waiting for her bed to appear quickly: she really wants to sit on something that is hers and not on all of my boxes and tables :)

Here's what I managed to do today: a matress and details for future bed.
The maress cover is covered with cheap Ikea towel - it has just  right texture for the matress.
I feel I must give credits to all the tutorials I've used. Here they are:
Doll's wigging:
Matress and bed (partially):

A very special thanks to Tatiana, for her lilac tutorial here: It is due to these pretty lilacs (and the ones I've managed to create myself) I decided on the color of the whole future room - it would be different tons of lila))
Again, there's something wrong with colors on the poto. IRL the flowers look much more green and purple.

And here is a little scetch I've drawn to have an idea of how it all shall look like:
I hope to make more items this and the next week. I really wish I had more time :)

Thanks again for wisiting me :) Your comments are always much appreciated :)


  1. Me encanta la idea.
    Es una preciosa muñeca.
    besitos ascension

  2. привет. Ты хорошо рисуешь! кукла получилось очень миленькая!! а как ты сделала такие глаза??? Интересно наблюдать что будет дальше!! удачи с новым проектом!!!!

    1. Привет. Спасибо )
      Глаза я делала отдельно -и мне так больше понравилось. чем расписывать - реалистичнее выглядит. Отдельно запекла маленькие шарики из fimo translucent и акрилом на них нарисовала зрачки и радужку. Правда только потом сообразила, что голову придется еще запекать. Я не уверена, что так можно делать и что акрилу от этого со временем ничего не будет :(
      на строительном лаке, который я использую сейчас для всего - написано выдерживает нагрев до 110 градусов - а я такие маленькие вещи на 110 примерно и пеку, так что еще покрыла лаком глаза еще. Пока вроде изменений не видно - все таких же цветов как было. Но, мне кажется, надо делать все-таки по-другому как-то)

  3. It is a beautiful doll and an exciting project.

  4. Your doll is really wonderful and the red hair suit her very much.
    I shall follow with pleasure your progress with this project.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Tolles Projekt weiter so ich bin gespannt.
    Liebe Grüße Britta

    1. Danke, Britta :)
      Herzliches Willkommen zu meinem Blog :)

  6. Hi Daria,

    thank you very much for joining my blog lately - I'm a little late to visit yours but better later than never, so here I am! ;O) Hardly to believe that your new to miniatures, I'm very curious to see more from you.

    Greetings from Germany

  7. I love your doll the red hair is perfect for her. Great idea with the towel. I am looking forward to seeing more.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Hello Daria! I love this! :D What beautiful handmade work and details! I'm also here to let you know I couldn't find your direct email on your blog, because your name was drawn 2nd in my drawing last night, and you won the Easter Bread prep board. :D Congratulations! You can go to my blog to find my direct email in my post, and send me your address so we can mail your mini prize to you. Thank you so much for entering my drawing! :)

    Many mini hugs,

    1. Thanks, Jackie!!!
      WOW I won:) Can't believe it :))) Now I shall have eternal easter in one of my projects :))

  9. Hello Daria!
    Ginger is really cute. You can tell that she just woke up from napping. Really good detail on her eyes. Love her freckles!
    Many hugs and kisses, Conny