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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Roof and balcony

A lot of work - a little to say. Just more stones and tiles. And then some more. And some more :)
 Oh, if I only had an access to laser-cut parts, like hand rails and stuff! I wouldn't have to invent all this mess :)) But again - it's worth it - it is so unique - LOL :)

Perhaps any of you has the idea how could I make this blue button not so blue? I can't simply paint it with acrylics - it won't last while being used (


  1. I can't believe how wonderful this house is!! All the tiny details... You are amazing Daria!
    (sorry no tip about the blue-thing.. unless you could hide it in some air drying clay or something..)

  2. Hi Daria! It might be a lot of repetitive hard work, but it is worth it! You are right when you say they are unique and that makes it extra special! It looks fabulous!
    Kind regards, Brian.