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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

kids room - last room!

Thanks for your comments, guys! They're always appreciated :) Here's kids room - and with that the inside is DONE!)
I know, that there's so much more you can place in the kids room, but this particular one appeared to be so tiny even if you scale it up to normal that I had to place only few items indicating kids.
 I'll need to re-do the cabinet - the gap attracts too much attention on photos

 Today is the day when I'm alone at home for about 5 hours!! (The older daughter is in the camp and the younger - by granny) - There's so much work to do for me! :)
I started the stones on the outside (I have glued all the walls with paper napkins so that the wooden texture won't be visible after they got painted)


  1. Какое все реалистичное! даже мишка с пирамидкой есть!

  2. So wonderful! And great details! I love the toys and the light! Beautiful house!

  3. Oh Daria, what a lot of work, even now you will redo the cabinet. This house is really amazing and incredible wonderful work :D!! I hope you had a nice day yesterday, while the kids were away ;)?
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Absolutely awesome!! That's a incredible work, I love it! Regards.

  5. Awesome exterior. You've done an amazing piece here.
    Hugs, Drora