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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Painted stones

Finally! 3 days of "stonework" are over :)
Now it's time for making window frames and balcony
 If anyone knows jow to cut even tiny pieces (for stones, tiles etc) please share! because, even though unevenness is cute, I'd love to try more classical look someday :))
 I love how chmney looks. It's a really time consuming way, but it's worth it

Have you yourself tried tiny projects yet? :) I'd love to read about it :))


  1. Hi Daria! No, I haven't tried these small projects/miniatures yet! So I can't help you for finding a clever way for the cutting of the small stones/bricks.
    BUT your chimney and the stone work is awesome, what a lot of work, but it is worth all the efforts. Yes, I can imagine that it is very time consuming!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Даша, дом становится все лучше и краше! Ты большая трудяга :)

  3. Your chimney stack is absolutely perfect! It may have taken a long time to do but, like you said, it is worth it! The building is looking amazing so far!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  4. This is wonderful! Maybe a squared mold/ cutter of somekind could make the pieces the same size, but it most be hard to find one that small =) Maybe you can make a cutter yourself somehow... But I love the stones you made so far, I can't see that they aren't perfectly even =) I just see perfection in all you work =)