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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family house is done!

Hi guys! So glad to see you all on my page again!
I've finally finished this huge tiny house and I'm proud to show it to you. I have decided against etsy. My main reason was to make an auction, to see a real price that people would be willing to give me.. But there's no such thing on Etsy :( ebay also doesn't allow it's new members to set a price more than 500$ untill they prove to be trustworthy, so I had no choice other than to go back to my russian shop here:
Unfortunately it has no english version. Just in case any of you would be willing to buy the house - post me and we'll settle it just fine.

I know the price I'm setting is high (900$), but it really barely covers the amount of time spent on the house... So let's see weather the house will find it's new home :)

Anyway. Here it is, and I hope you like it!

 Best wishes


  1. Daria it looks so lovely, well done. It's from Russia With Love:-)
    Barbara UK

  2. Daria, wonderful work! It looks very good in every way!
    Maisry, Colorado, U.S.A.

  3. Hello Daria! What a beautiful little house you have made and what fascinating tiny details that you have filled it with! You have made this a REAL home. Well Done!


  4. This is a most beautiful tiny and detailed house. What a pity that hours of work cannot be translated into the value of such an exquisite piece. I hope it will soon find a

  5. Es una casa muy bonita. Excelente trabajo.

  6. This is wonderful, just like all the tiny houses you do!! It really looks big, but tiny, but there are so many rooms and things to look at! You have such a great eye for details!
    I see you manage to make the blue button brown after all, it looks great! =)

  7. I've missed this blog post, Daria, because in August I was on a blog vacation ;o!
    But I've just seen it now: this is a miraculous and stunning work! You're very talented!
    Hugs, Ilona