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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some finished photos and my current occupation

Hi folks!
I was absent for some time - that is due to the rest I need to have each day, according to my doctor. I must force myself to lay during the day now - there's so many things I wanna do and so little power in my body right now :)
Anyway, here's some photos of finished roombox under the daylight. Unfortunately it's still gloomy and rainy here (couple of days ago it was snowing so I have nothing to complaint about actually:)
 There's nothing new - only the tiny flower on the window-sill. But at least now it's all set and done and I won't be adding anything else:)

 And here is what I am busy with. The idea was sitting in me for some time: I want my doll. On some blog of yours I see dolls that make this mini-journey with you. They "help" you do you work and evaluate the results. They have their own character. And I want such mini-helper of my own. I must say: I am fascinated by the process. She turns out the way she wants - not me. It's so exciting! I'm not showing you other parts and the head because I'm not sure if I keep the existing version or re-do it. But the part here is finished and it is so amazing:) (I'm not thinking too much of myself though - I see a lot of much more beautiful work - but we all need to start somewhere, right?) That is my first ball-jointed doll and I want to understand the basics on her. I'll do better anatomy on later attempts.
What I can say: she is tiny. she'll be approx 13,5 cm high. With the head of 17 mm. Right the size of 1/12th mini-doll, so that I can make my future projects for her :)

Have a great week!
I'm stopping by by all your entries - you all inspire me :)


  1. Your scene has become so fine and with so many lovely colors. You've done a gret job. Your first attempt to make a doll, is impressive great.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks Wyrna:) I'm not actually ill - it's just last weeks before baby that require much rest:)

  2. Es una escena muy linda, me gusta mucho como la muñeca vive de verdad en esa habitación.
    Buen trabajo.
    Un beso... y cuídate mucho!

  3. Rest up Momma! your going to need it in the weeks after ;)

    Beautiful scene hon, and your doll making is magnificent!

    Health, happiness..and some rest to you!

  4. Your doll is very beautiful, so far ;) I never thought of doing a ball-jointed doll myself, it looks so hard =) I will keep my eye on this and looking forward to see the finished doll. Great work! It looks so professional!
    Maybe you can do something creative while resting, like needlepoint, I always find that restful and relaxing, but still I get to be creative and not just lye down =)

  5. Ciao, hai realizzato un ottimo lavoro nella preparazione della scena.E sei stata brava nell'inizio della costruzione della tua bambola, attendo il lavoro finito! Ti auguro buona salute e...riposati!Hugs Manu

  6. Здорово!!!!!!! Румбокс получмлся интересный!!! Столько мелочей разных, так и хочется все разглядывать!!!Картина конечно хорошо вписалась!!!!Твои куклы даже на первые выглядят хорошо!! Я так наверное точно не смогу!! Интересно будет посмотреть потом как ты делаешь кукол!!!!!!!

  7. Amazing, what difference one added little flower can make... ;O) It was fun to see the new photos of your lovely project, but it was really exciting to see the beginning of your jointed doll. Looks fantastic so far. Take care of yourself and listen to the doctor's advice!


  8. I love your scene its wonderful congratulations on getting it finished :) Your new doll looks very interesting. I cant wait to see more. Take care of yourself :)
    Hugs Maria

  9. Your little roombox is stunning. So good you were able to finish it and can now rest and follow your doctor's advice. Take good care.
    The jointed doll will be a great success from what can be seen now.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. WOW Daria, you have made this part of a ball-jointed doll yourself??? My respect, it looks gorgeous, I am curious to see the rest of this doll. Your scene is wonderful too.
    Are you expecting a baby? If so, take your rest, you will need it, when the baby is there.
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Привет!
    Я написала комент, а его неееееет!
    Классный уголок получился! Мне уже нравится Ваша новая кукла!!!

  12. Tu escena ha quedado muy bien y esa linda muñeca que has hecho está muy contenta viviendo ahí.Gracias por visitar mi blog....Cuidate mucho! Un beso