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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

288 scale roomboxes

Hi there, dear followers!
the last part of this complex order were three tiny roomboxes, in scale 1/288 to 1/300 (hard to calculate :) )
The wall height is about 9-10 mm, the whole box measures approx. 11x11x11 mm
That was a replica of my previous roomboxes.

 A while back someone asked me to make a photo of my tiny houses with a 144th scale house, so that one could imagine the difference. So, here is the part of an unassembled Queen Anne Mansion kit by North Eastern Scale Models.

I still have one order in this scale to make, so stay tuned to see another house on the stone :)
Wishing you a creative time!


  1. Impresionante trabajo,no le falta detalle y menuda dificultad para trabajar en una escala tan pequeña!!!!!

  2. Wow! You always amaze me with your work Daria!