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Friday, April 10, 2015

1:300 house

Hi! Today I've finished the 1:300 scale house. This scale is so quick :)
It looks great in real life, but on the photos you can of course see roughness.

 A while ago I ordered wooden bases on Markshire Studio and now I had finally an opportunity to use it! The quality of the wooden pieces is superb :) They have different sizes, this one is one of the smallest.

I'm going to make another house and three roomboxes in this scale, so stay tuned if interested :)


  1. 1:300 scale??? Oh my, Daria, this is amazing and so incredibly small :D!
    Fantastic work, this tiny house is realistic and beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. *jaw drop*

    I was trying to imagine what you'd do with the smaller rounds ... no longer.

    Well done. The Black Locust under it looks AWESOME. And you didn't fill in where the bark separated... it adds great character.

    Markshire Studios commends you on your amazing work and we look forward to all the other pieces you ordered growing little houses on them.

    @WoldStand #MiniatureDisplays #WhatsUnderYourMini

  3. Прекрасный домик! Хочется все порассматривать ))) Хотя знаю насколько сложно фотографировать такие мелкие домики.

  4. A marvelous piece of work!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Очень здорово! Прям жизнь под микроскопом =) Молодец, так держать! =)
    А фотки, дааа, они такие: глазом смотришь - замечательно, а сфоткаешь - мамочки... %)))

  6. Hi Daria,

    Your house is very sweet. I think it is very difficult to work with 1/300 scale. But the result is successful at all.