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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the smallest bathroom...

... I have ever made. And the smallest I have ever seen, actually :)

 Meanwhile, the spring is on the way! (but you can't really see it in these 1,5 meter deep layer of snow on the playground :) )
 1st of March!


  1. Un mini baño muy completo,que bonito!!!!!
    Menuda nevada!!!!!!

  2. This bathroom IS the smallest bathroom I've ever seen and I even see a plant :)!
    It is absolutely stunning work, beautiful, Daria :D!
    Oh my, 1,5 mtr deep snow?........That's a LOT of snow, I hope spring will come soon for you!
    Warm hug, Ilona

  3. Beautiful bathroom! Time flies, I remember when you were pregnant and now your little girl looks so big =) She can walk and play on the playground, kids are a lot of joy! Our playground start to show now, the snow melts away, we can even reach the swings now =)

  4. Супер! И унитазик, и ванна, и даже кран с тряпочками!!! Безумно =) И вдохновенно, я тоже, на Вас глядя, сподвиглась на миниатюры =) Буду рада, если захотите заглянуть в гости