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Thursday, February 28, 2013

finishing touches

 here are some last items for my bakery. I like them ^^
drawing: watercolors, cardboard.
I think (or at least hope:) it looks better in real life
bakery sign: wire, floristic tape, acrylic paints, wood and some clay for the bretzel.
I covered the wire with tale to make it thicker. This way you can adjust it in every form you want. and painted black it looks like metal :)


  1. HEllo Daria,
    THe bakery has come along nicely! I like the roof.
    Many hugs and kisse, Conny

  2. Hi Daria, I just discoverd this post of yours; what a lovely watercolour you made! You paint very well, I would love to see some more of your art.
    The backery sign turned out very well, thanks for sharing how you did it.

    1. Thanks:) I'm very pleased to hear that from you, since I really adore your tiny paintings!