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Monday, February 22, 2016

New house of 2016

Hi my dear followers. It's been a really long time no see :)
That was a very happy and not so very easy time for me - My third baby is 1,5 month now! Finally it's a boy and my daughters are perfect nannies :)
Since September I was absent from my minis. It seemed like my muse left me or I was just way too round and too lazy for work:) But now, after a long vacation I really feel an urge to create something beautiful. It's so inspiring to sit under the small light at night and catch those flying ideas!

I have finished a house which I started last year. Unfortunately I have no lightbox now so the photos are not so good. But at least you can have a general idea :)

It's a tiny 288-300 scale house - the wall height is about 12 mm each floor. It has a living room, bedroom and even a tiny kitchen though you can't really see it on photos - it's too shady.

I decided to give it a try on ebay. For those of you who is interested in buying it, here is the link My Ebay

Thanks for visiting! Best wishes from my growing family!


  1. Hi Daria!First of all: my congratulations to your whole family with the birth of your son, I wish him much love, health and prosperity!
    This is such a lovely picture of your three treasures, how cute: your baby boy looks straight to the camera. He is now already photogenic ;)!
    Indeed I've missed you a couple of months, now I know why :)!
    Your new miniature treehouse looks awesome, just like all of your works are. I bet it will be bought soon :D!
    Take good care of yourself and your family.
    Warm hug, Ilona

  2. Даша, какая замечательная новость! Поздравляю с рождением сына! Что-то последнее время вокруг меня прям беби бум сплошной )))) кто-то уже родил, кто-то беременный ))) Не знак ли это? )))))
    Домик замечательный. Хотелось бы его рассмотреть детальней, но я понимаю, что сейчас у тебя будет не так много времени на такие заморочки. Выкраивай время на миниатюру, буду ждать новых сказочных домиков!

    1. Спасибо, Люда! На самом деле старалась сделать хорошие фотографии, но как будто разучилась - все получается совсем не так, как хотелось бы. Эх, надо покупать лайтбокс и нормальное освещение.. А так - наконец-то проснулась моя творческая жилка - а то в последние месяцы не могла заставить себя даже сесть за стол с миниатюрой - так было лениво. Но сейчас вроде наладилось :)

  3. You have beautiful babies.
    The new creation is wonderful.

  4. Building art and sculptures with your own hands takes quite a lot of creativity and inspiration! I can totally relate to feeling like my muse is absent. Lately I've been stuck in a bit of a creative dry spell, but looking at your newest creation has inspired me! Thank you for sharing your masterpieces with us, and best wishes to your growing family!

    Margaret @ Boston North Shore Real Estate