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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New house on the stone

Here is the latest house that I finished today. It was my last order and now I am free to try out something just for fun :) Or for accepting more orders! :)


  1. Te ha quedado preciosa, la persona del encargo estará feliz:-)

  2. This is a amazing tiny house, Daria! And a beautiful landscape too!

  3. I'm amazed at how you manage to get so much detail into such a small piece. The garden is very beautiful. :)

  4. Es fantástica!!!! Me encanta!!

  5. I just love your tiny houses! They are so detailed! Great work

  6. As a miniature painter, I am amazed at what you do! I became interested in your work from following WoldStand bases. Anyway, I am very interested in not only your art but where you live. What is it like in Siberia as an artist?

    1. Hi,
      thanks for your kind words and your interest in my work.
      In Siberia (unfortunately, as well as in Russia) miniature art is not developed much. I have seen some people's works in the modelism area, but they do it rather as a hobby and not as a serious occupation.
      Tiny scale is very rare here. You can't buy materials in our hobby stores. I order most of materials abroad or use something similar but not initially intended for miniatures.
      I am only a beginner artist and haven't taken part in any real life exhibitions yet. Though I live in the capital of Siberia (more than 1 million population here), there are no miniature exhibitions here yet. Miniature art has a looong way to go :)
      There are no troubles in selling abroad and that is a big plus :) Esty and ebay are available anytime, so I do not feel limited.

      I would love to see your works! Can I find them on the internet?