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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sofa tutorial

As promised, I'm making my second post, with the sofa tutorial. This is basically how I do all my armchairs and sofas.
1. I'm making the model out of thick paper, cardboard or balsa.
 2. I cut a piece of paper napkin of desired color
 3. Glue and wrap the napkin around the sofa
 4. fold the bottom
 5. Make a few cuts and fold and glue the "face" of the sofa. Sometimes I add sitting cushions
 6. Cut and glue legs (sometimes I use wood and sometimes - micro-beads)
 7. Add pillows and an afgan. The sofa is done!
That same way I made armchairs for my last roombox. Here it is. You can find it on ebay

It's already freezing here. -10 in daytime :( This photo I took yesterday while picking my daughter from school.

Time to dring hot tea and make some minis! :)


  1. Wow Daria, what a wonderful tutorial of your tiny sofa, thank you for sharing :D! I love your teeny tiny roombox for Christmas, I always admire your skills to work in this tiny scale and the beautiful results :D!
    I LOVE winter, but yours must be more severe and cold like it will be your winter has already arrived and the snow came too!? Oh my, what a difference with the nature here: we have very hot temperatures for this time of the year: 15-19oC, much too warm! But outside it is autumn too: the trees already lose a lot of their leaves, but in the meadows there are even blooming summer flowers, how odd! Well, we'll see whenever the winter will come here...
    I wish you a good weekend! Hugs, Ilona

    1. Oh I anvy (in the good way :) ) your warmer climat! In fact, usually it is not so snowy in October, but this year we have already more than 15cm of snow lying everywhere, even the on roads it won't melt during the day( It makes me feel a little depressed, since I need to walk my daughter from school about 20mins, carrying my little one along. And we have only one car, that my husband needs too.. Well, If I can't change it, I will have to like it :) It makes us healthier anyway :)
      (However, if we ever have an opportunity to move someplace warmer, I'd be just fine with it :)))

  2. Thank you for sharing, your sofa is wonderful!! You always get great details, even when its this tiny =) Like the legs under the sofa!