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Thursday, June 19, 2014

bathroom and wiring

Hi there!
I've finished bathroom - two more rooms and garden still to go :)
here's how it turned out:
 I carve bathtub, wc and sink out of polymer clay with the help of different drills.
 Bathroom is as well child-friendly :)
The door is like the one you see on the back - also with "glass" inside
Now how's the house looks like:
 There'll be light in children's room (you can see it) and in bedroom
 The lamp in the kitchen is working one, unlike the one in living room (there'd be only working fireplace there)
I wasn't very accurate with the window-painting, because i'll be placing white sheets on the facade and it won't be so horrible when finished :)
Still so much work to do!
The wiring (bottom):
 As I said, I'm not using any kits - my husband makes the wiring for me from scratch. it is not done yet. The base is also cut from a piece of wood. (I'd love to use some professional bases though- I simply have no idea where to get them)

And here's how we test our wiring : it stays on for 6 days already, shines just as bright as in the beginning. We also test how it affects the wall where it stays on for a long time. It seems there's no influence, so using these things is completely safe :)

If you have any questions on how to do anything I do from scratch - please ask ) I'll be happy to answer)


  1. Ванная просто абалденная! И вообще домик предполагается очень уютненький :))) А из чего ты делала стульчик в ванной?

    1. я заказала всякий пластик для моделирования - белые пластиковые листы разной толщины и всякие трубки-цилиндры-полоски. я так понимаю, многие чисто из этого пластика моделируют, но мне дерево больше нравится - теплее :)

  2. It's a beautiful house. The bathroom is fantastic.