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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trial chair

Hi dear followers! I am pleased to see there are more than 100 of you already ;)
I'm sorry for rare posting. Over 1,5 month already I've been engaged with my 1st big progect - two storey family house with a garden. It is much bigger than anything I've done and I'm putting a lot of efforts into details: for example, plinth in each room. I'm hoping this also to be the 1st project to go on etsy. Someday. when I'm finished. In a loooong-loooong time :))

I just wanted to show you small glimpse of the 1st piece of furniture. Anyway it won't be seen once all the walls are put to place. It's a chair with a really tiny back. Hope you see it:)

The house will have led lights in each big room. In the living room orange LED is hidden in the fireplace.
 And to compare the size:
thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Hello Daria,
    Your teeny, tiny houses are just darling!! Love them all.
    Mini smiles, Conny

  2. So incredibly tiny! It looks superb already, well worth the time and effort you are putting in on it!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  3. Great work as usual. I'm impressed there will be lights in this tiny house =) The windows looks fantastic! You have a good eye for details!
    Don't forget to give us a link to the Etsy shop later on ;)

  4. Es impresionante los detalles que consigues en un trabajo tan pequeño. Un saludo, Eva