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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1st Xmas roombox

Hi there!
It has been a month since my last post here.. wow, time flies fast!
There's not much going on in my life lately: my elder daughter started to attend pre-school so we are head to tails busy with that. My baby-girl is growing very well, the clothes for 6 month-old is already too small, and she's only three :)
I have finished my 1st christmas roombox! It came out just fine. I didn't make any in-process photos to save some time, so please do check the final result:
 The roombox measures 25 x 25 x 40 mm.
 the christmas tree. there's wood in the basket near the fireplace, three candles, cup with hot chocolate (may be :)) and cane-candys
 tea-table with the bottle in ice and piece of cake on the plate. I didn't succeed in making a spoon though :) the basis of the armchairs is 4x4 mm, so that you could imagine the size of everything else.
 1st floor: mirror on the wall, coat on the hanger, umbrella and phone on the side-table. On the table above there is PC: the flatscreen, keyboard and mouse (with wires!)
 overall view once again. And below is a bookshelf with books, boxes, paper and pencils, folded blanket, and a tiny dollhouse as a sign of respect to our hobby :)))

Also I wanted to share a photo of us from our friend's wedding in July. It turned out surprisingly well, with my handsome husband and Eseniya's tiny legs. She's almost 1 month old here:
Best  wishes to all my readers! I love to see your comments :)


  1. Румбокс просто супер! А сколько деталей! Разглядывать и разглядывать! Очень уютно и радостно!

  2. Wow! The Christmas scene is amazing! Incredibly tiny and perfect!
    You have a beautiful family, congratulations!
    May God bless you.

    Hugs. ;)

  3. La escena de navidad es maravillosa, con un montón de miniaturas y detalles. Enhorabuena por la familia que tienes. Un abrazo. Arantza.

  4. Amazing! Your family is beautiful, hugs to the little bunny and the preschool bunny ;P

    Time does fly does it not?

  5. Ничего себе!!! Замечательный румбокс! А из чего ты делала зеленую гирлянду над камином? Если кресло 4х4, то какой размер кусочка торта??? А он еще и с кремом! Вау! Лед в ведре просто сразил!!! Маленький домик в домике- это супер!!! У тебя очень красивая семья!!! А какие чудесные маленькие ножки!!!!

    1. Спасибо, Татьяна)) зеленая гирлянда - все тот же флористический мох, вот такой: он в большом пакете в кусочках - там разный мох, и как на елки и как гирлянда, разных оттенков. у меня теперь вся зелень из него.
      торт на тарелочке около 1мм в диаметре - стараюсь соответствовать) а лед - битый стеклярус - очень правдоподобно, но очень мелко..

  6. Tiny and wonderful Christmas scene.
    You're a beautiful family.

  7. A beautiful tiny Xmas scene! You are a beautiful family. Hugs to you and the two little angels, Drora

  8. Hi Daria! You have done an amazing job on the Christmas roombox, wow, so much perfection in this tiny scale :D!!
    The picture of you together is so beautiful. I've counted those little toes, it is a pity I can see only one small foot ;)! Take care!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Вот это румбоксик! Размер поражает, а сколько там всего интересно, такмного деталек!

  10. Amazing work. I love this, and it's so small. Beautiful. x

  11. Your roombox is amazing. Fantastic detail. Beautiful picture of you and your family :)
    Hugs Maria

  12. What a lovely family picture. And what a stunning roombox... I see you're prepared for the season... ;O)


  13. Дашенька, привет!
    Потрясающая работа! Настолько всё реалистично, что в голове не укладывается масштаб!
    Вы прекрасная пара! Желаю обладательнице маленьких пяточек расти здоровенькой! Всех вам благ!

  14. Impressive great that you can reach all the thumbnails with as little children. You must be very structured.
    Your Christmas scene is so amazing with so many lovely details.
    Time flies, we are almost out of September my vacation seemed so far away. A used vacation is not in high demand.

  15. Your Christmas roombox is incredibly tiny, yet so detailled. Well done, my compliments!

  16. You are a lovely couple and that girl have some cute feet ;)
    I love the roombox! Not just because I love all things Christmassy, it seems like I love all your beautiful things =) You have a great eye for details! The room box is just the way I want them, lots to look at!

  17. Hola Daria! Felicitaciones por tu familia! Es una escena encantadora felicidades!, un saludo Adriana.

  18. I love your tiny roombox!!

  19. Solo puedo decirte que es increíble tu trabajo, te felicito de verdad.

    Un abrazo,