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Friday, July 5, 2013

furnishing of the beach house is finished.

Hi everyone! I am naturally absent from blogosphere and crafts for a while - I have very litte time now)
However, I managed to finish the furnishing of my beach house (the bedroom and dining zone were made before the baby came, so don't look at me like that - I really haven't done much since :)))
 outside table with the bottle of wine and a glass. can you see it?) the holes are for columns that I'll add later.
the dining zone. I finally received the moss i ordered earlier, the flower on the table is the tiny piece of moss.

 bedside table
 it's a house for a neat small vacation on the sea, so people would need to keep their staff in bags
 And here's my little one )))) she's about 1,5 weeks old here)
 I enjoy reading all your blogs and wishing you all good mood)


  1. Hello Daria!! Aw, your daughter is so adorable, so sweet! Thank you for sharing this lovely picture of her :D!
    Your miniatures are amazing work, so tiny and perfect, so well done in that small scale! I enjoyed to see the beach house, thank you for sharing these pictures!
    Enjoy your baby and family, take your time and enjoy reading our blogs ;)!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. Дарья, ещё раз поздравляю с рождением малышки! Здоровья ей крепкого!
    А миниатюра твоя сводит с ума от нереальности размеров :)

  3. Малышка - само очарование! Поздравляю с этим маленьким и таким большим счастьем!
    Минидом великолепен!!! Столько деталей, все выполнено так красиво!

  4. Where is she cute and cuddly. I understand you do not make much with her ​​around. This you have made look so great.
    Enjoy your lovely daughters.

  5. Congratulations for this sweet adorable new baby. No wonder you have little time for minis. I love what you have already created for this lovely vacation little house.
    Enjoy your time with your two beautiful daughters.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Привет!
    Малышка -чудо! Счастья и здоровья дочурке!
    Классный получается домик! Такой малюсенький!

  7. Дашенька поздравляю вашу семью с прибавлением!! Крепкого здоровья малышке!!!
    Домик потрясающий!!! Все продуманно до мелочей, тем более впечатляют размеры!!!

  8. Your daugther is adorable.
    I really like your beach house. Everything is perfect.
    Greetings, Faby

  9. Welcome to the 5 seconds of time you have..during naps ;P

    Amazing work..I LOVE LOVE THIS HOUSE!!! I think you have really found your niche with the 144th scale. They are amazing pieces

    You daughter is absolutely gorgeous! Health happiness and hugs to your family!

  10. Hi Daria! Congratulations on your beautiful baby daughter! The bedroom and dining area are looking great. I know progress will be slower from now on, but real life always has to take priority! Kind regards, Brian.

  11. Your beach house is stunning... so well done and so cute - but forgive me, your very best miniature was shown in the last photo... ;O) Enjoy life with your grown family!


  12. I love the new furnitures, and the new baby is so cute!!! Hope big sister is glad and proud of the little one =) and hope they can help you out with the miniatures in a couple of years or so =)

  13. Your sleeping daughter is a real sweetie! And your miniatures look very well. hugs, liduina

  14. Hola Daria! la casa de la playa te ha quedado hermosa y eso que tienes poco tiempo pero hay que darte una super felicitación! por la miniatura mas hermosa del mundo tu hija enhorabuena por esa muñeca, un saludo Adriana.

  15. Малышка красавица:))) а над стульчиком я вообще в упаде, такой масенький!

  16. Hello Daria! Your new baby girl is a beauty and reminds me how fast the time flies by! Both of my "BABIES" are now Adults and yet it doesn't seem like all that long ago. Cherish this time with your darling little one as she is a gift to you from God.


  17. your minis are so cute, your baby also !!!