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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

bathroom and kitchen.

Hi good folks :)
I've finished the bathroom in my beach house. Can you spot toothbrushes?:))) Sorry, no better view - the camera just won't do that.
Sometimes now when I make it i doubt people can actually see the details without the magnifier :)
I really think that the beauty of 1:144 is in details, because they just make the whole room "alive".
 I'm showing the rooms unassembled, because it gives better view on items, which are half hidden when the walls would take their place.
 WC from polymer clay. It even has a smaller whole inside the big one - where canalization goes. But again, camera won't hold focus.
 Bathroom assembled. On the front view there's a basket for dirty clothes and a roll of toilet paper

Kitchen. There would also be a dining zone on the front view, but I got stuck with chairs: The one for previous project was quite complicated to make and I now think of other ways.
Anyhow, that's an overall view:
 From the side:

 Closer look on the shelf with plates and cook-books. I also like the flower on the fridge. Though I do not like the fridge itself. (I just hate to re-do something, so it has to stay this way:))
 with my index finger to see the scale :P
 Kitchen assembled. There's a towel on the wall above the oven.
 here it is. It's actually greenish :)
Well, I hope I gave you some inspiration, because I certainly need some for my dining zone. I already do not like those chairs :P

Ah,, I have my birthday this Sunday, I'll be 25. I wonder if we'll have a birthday on the same day with my baby?:)


  1. Hallo Daria, so ein tolles MiniHaus hast du gebaut. Alles so winzig. Ich wünsche dir alles erdenklich gute für die Geburt deines Babys.
    Viel Glück.
    Herzliche Grüße Britta

  2. Very nice. I can not believe you are able to make these small details. Your bathroom appears so clearly. So small and so completed.
    Happy birthday, well maybe you get an extra gift on Sunday.

  3. Потрясающе! Просто слов не нахожу! Дарья, я в восторге от этого домика!!! Столько деталей, мелочей! ААааааааааа! Свихнуться можно! Ты Левша :)

  4. Wow this sooo tiny project is amazing. I love your bathroom. So many fantastic details. Happy Birthday to you :)
    Hugs Maria

  5. Hello Daria! You are right when you say the details make the room alive. Little personal possessions make it seem 'lived in' and functional. Your eye for detail is amazing, and I still can't believe how tiny everything is! Kind regards, Brian.

  6. Bravissima tanti super-mini dettagli!Mi piace il bagno (ho visto gli spazzolini) e la cucina. Auguri per il tuo compleanno, chissà forse doppi auguri...Un abbraccio Manu

  7. Bravo again for a wonderful job. Your work with such tiny items is amazing.
    It would be nice to share a birthday date with a your baby. I wish you both an easy delivery and happiness.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Let's see if you'll get the biggest birthday present ever... ;O) You've made wonderful details for your little house, I have no doubt you'll build lovely dining chairs soon.


  9. Me parece imposible como puedes hacer tantos detalles en algo tan pequeño
    Eres una artistaza.

  10. The bathroom is very cute and I love the colors that you have used.
    Unbelievable that it's so small.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  11. These rooms are wonderful. I like the tiny tiny details. It's incredible.
    Greetings, Faby

  12. Ну надо же!! Какой масштаб и все как настоящее!! туалет с душем вообще поразили!!!!

  13. Hi! We Luna and Carmen M ª, we have seen your blog and love it. We love the little things you do, we have become followers. Do you do follower of ours?

    Nuestras Manualidades

  14. Hello Daria! everything it's beautiful :)

  15. Your bathroom is amazing! The toilet - wow and that shower - just fantastic. Keep up the good work...I so enjoy following your glad I found your website. You are an inspiration girl! Hugs